UMAIR, Talha Anjum & CALM – Nevermind

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Talented singers & songwriters “UMAIR, Talha Anjum & CALM” release a new adorable and amazing Song on 24th of August 2022 titled Nevermind is a adorable and amazing kind of track to add to your music playlist available for free Mp3 Download. Download and enjoy the vibes.

The talented singers & songwriters “UMAIR, Talha Anjum & CALM” release a new adorable and amazing song directly on there YouTube channel. If you’re a “UMAIR, Talha Anjum & CALM” fan as well, you just missed there(or maybe you didn’t!). They performed as a part of there trending music world wide.

Nevermind Song Details

Produced By: UMAIR
Written By: Talha Anjum & Calm
Mixing Engineer: UMAIR
Mastering Engineer: UMAIR
Release Date: August 24, 2022

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UMAIR, Talha Anjum & CALM – Nevermind mp3 full lyrics

[Verse 1: Talha Anjum]
Murder on my mind jaise Melly main (Melly main)
Civil me goverment bheje many men (Many man, many man)
Shit is not a joke lekin funny hai (Anha-ha)
Shooter shaat, sirf spotter khade gully me
Money on my mind jaise Mayweather (Facts)
Tu theek hai, but I’m just way way better (Facts)
‘Cause the T in Talha is for trendsetter (Yeah)
I’m too lit (Too lit)
I’m equal to ten asteras
Two first names, gin gin, that’s ten letters
I’ve been on this win win shit for long enough (Long enough)
You don’t know any better you’ve been wrong enough (Yеa)
I got heat, so my interface is warming up (Yеa)
Give me the loot, give me the keys
Give me the gat, give me a reason
To pull up on your bitch made ass
And then we gon’ see
Pull up on you like agency
Humse pange nahi
Ye tedhe, medhe, ulte-seedhe rang barange type
Whack shit!
Hype nahi, tere saare tracks shit
We don’t fuck with that shit
MacBook de naal paaya half a milli bag ch
Munde karan lack, apne shehar ch vi actually
Only spitting factually
Baate kare sheikh chilli
Meri Gucci asal, inki bachi kuchi fake waali
Mera sirf ek wali, mujhe sune poora mulk
Tujhe sune ek gully, and that’s facts bitch

[Verse 2: Calm]
Running this rap shit
Feels like cassius prime me, can’t miss
Covid ke pehle se, bat shit
Crazy tha main, affleck (Yeah)
Ye peeche reh gaye jaise gaano ke ad-libs
Scene phata, saath milli aaj sindh aur ganjes
Khaaun cringe aur rappers
Aake laude pe laat khao
Give me the gat, no cap
Mera maatha dukh gaya sun kar
Whack shit band kar
Delhi-Karachi sampark
Ball stadium se bahar hai
Afridi aur Sachin hai track par
Tumhe koi lund nai puchta (Na)
Yahan londo ko aati nai feel agar moshpit me ek aadha sarr nahi phoot’ta
Delhi ka junglee kutta
Kar chuka game crack
Lage rap shit easy
Grind and I go way back y’all gassed up
Lays pack grand master
Flash hacks dun rappero’n ko
Day one par last act
Backstage aaye saikdo log
Fam fans, bhai log sab bole
Raste de fefdo ko
Ruka ni jalaata hatero ko
(Be joint toh jala le)
Jota nahi badhata kisi ko
Rapper log kal aake khelna (Aanh)
Main kala se khelta hun
Kal aake dekhna, kala ko
Kal aake tepna
Kala se kalakaar kate sarr ek ka
Kala se kalam me jaagi thi prerna
Kala ka naam hai daba ke lapetna
Gale se taake tum aage se hago na gaano me
Chodo jo baate tum gaano me
Yahan pe mat pelna (Pil jaaoge)
Gunehgaar, ye whack rapper bole aa bail mujhe maar
Awaaz phunchi, Delhi ki gulliyion se sarhad paar
YS aur SM, aaj ki taaza samachaar
Tera bhai Seedhe Maut

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