Ryan Reynosa Respond To Deadpool Crossing Over With Doctor Strange

More trailers are being released and conspiracy theories about what characters will or won’t be appearing in Marvel’s Doctor Strange in The Multiverse Of Madness become more bizarre. It is believed that the sequel will feature many characters from Marvel’s universe. However, there are so many people wondering who will be appearing in it.

People believe that this Spider-man could appear in Doctor Strange after a revelation from Toby Maguire, the voice actor behind Scarlet Witch and the one who voices the Spider-man. This is despite Maguire stating that his appearance in No Way Home “didn’t close the chapter” on the character makes it seem likely. Fans were then blindsided by the Doctor Strange trailer that dropped during Super Bowl. It was jam-packed with Easter eggs, reveals and scenes people couldn’t keep up.

First, the trailer featured Patrick Stewart’s voice, which is well-known for his role as Charles Xavier, in the X-Men films. The possibility of X-men appearing in the film’s new movie is very likely. This one is less conclusive but fans also saw a shadowy figure wearing what appeared to be the Fantastic Four badge, leading them to believe Reid Richards could also play a role.

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is the character everyone is most excited about. Fans love Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, who is part of the X-men universe. His quick wit is a huge hit. The character was confirmed previously, and people were more convinced when Patrick Stewart attended.

Reynolds, when asked about Doctor Strange’s appearance, said “I guess that I’m not meant to talk about that,” before adding “I’m not in the movie.” – It’s possible that I might be unreliable as a narrator but I swear I’m not in this movie. This response is not enough for his fans, who know how his character bends the truth.

Many believe that Reynolds is simply saying that he will not be in the movie, but not claiming that his character will. This is more likely a hint that Deadpool will appear in an infamous post-credit sequence, and not in the film. We won’t know what it is until April, so we don’t know.

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