Rowdy Rebel – Woo Nina

Rowdy Rebel - Woo Nina

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Talented American rapper from Brooklyn Chad Marshall known professionally as “Rowdy Rebel” release a new adorable and amazing Song on 3th of June, 2022 titled Woo Nina is a adorable and amazing kind of track to add to your music playlist available for free Mp3 Download. Download and enjoy the vibes.

The talented American rapper “Rowdy Rebel” release a new adorable and amazing song directly on his YouTube channel. If you’re a “Rowdy Rebel” fan as well, you just missed his(or maybe you didn’t!). He performed as a part of his trending music world wide.

About Woo Nina By Rowdy Rebel

Artist: Rowdy Rebel
Album: Rebel vs. Rowdy
Released: 2022

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Rowdy Rebel – Woo Nina mp3 full lyrics

Grrt, baow
(Grrt, grrt, grrt, grrt) baow (huh)
Ayo, Shmoney plus Shmurda, equals GS9, nigga
Don’t get lined, nigga (Luca on the track)
(Baow, baow, baow, woo)

I got real niggas that’s with me, that’s on God
Thought y’all knew that? (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Y’all spun through my block
But y’all missed, why y’all do that? (Slide)
Gs9 my gang, Rowdy my name, nigga never, “Who that?”
If I tell top shmoney and fame
We on that way, spin that coupe back
When I brr, nigga, brr back (brrr)
When I shoot, they don’t shoot back (boom)
When I, “Woo Nina” (woo), nigga, Woo back
That Draco got fifty in that drum, nigga, move back (boy)
Every time I pop out with my gang, I’m like, “Who strapped?”
If that car pass this block one more time, I’m like, “Boom that”
I told D-Wade, “Take a flight when it got hot”, then a nigga flew back

Every top opp, it’s a price tag on your head
I’ll never cross my niggas for no bread

I’ll never cross my niggas for no feds (not at all)
Don’t disrespect my character, don’t get me fired (grrt, grrt, baow)
Did you see any fuckin’ purple in my head? (Are you dumb?)
I feel like Urkel when I’m geekin’ off these meds (that’s what they said)
They say Black Lives Matter (they do)
Let me catch my opp lackin’
See if that shit matters (it won’t)
But if he catch me lackin’ first
And up that bitch real faster (Better blow)
What if he shoot but he miss and don’t walk out after? (I’m on go)
That’s a different chapter (I’m on go)
Man, that’s another story (baow)
What if I tell y’all Monte shoot, like he Robert Horry (grrt-grrt, baow)
And crunch time while he clutch, he gon’ go for forty (if he gon’ go for forty)
But if he missed, that’s a L7, he know that’s mandatory
That’s still a different story
Bitch, we back on gang time (it’s gon’ be dark)
Shout out Bobby for the gang, did that damn time (he just ain’t whine)
So if he tell me, “Up that bitch”, it ain’t gon’ take time (put your brains on the curb)
We got different watches on but we all on the same time (we in good time)
And we still duck the feds when we clutch the stick lines (not at all)

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