Cardi B – Hot Shit ft. Kanye West & Lil Durk

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Talented American rapper and songwriter Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar  known professionally as Cardi B release a new adorable and amazing Song on 1th of july titled Hot Shit feauturing Ye, commonly known as Kanye West and Durk Derrick Banks, known professionally as Lil Durk this is an adorable and amazing kind of track to add to your music playlist Cardi B – Hot Shit avaliable for free Mp3 Download. Download and enjoy the vibes.

The talented American rapper and songwriter “Cardi B” release a new adorable and amazing song directly on her youtube channel. If you’re a “Cardi B” fan as well, you just missed her(or maybe you didn’t!). She performed as a part of her trending music world wide.

About Hot Shit

Artist: Cardi B
Featured artists: Ye, Lil Durk
Album: Hot Shit
Released: 2022
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Cardi B announced “Hot Shit”—the lead single to her upcoming sophomore album via a commercial that first aired during the BET Awards with a short snippet of the song featuring bass-heavy production and some visuals on June 26, 2022.

The following day, Cardi announced the song would feature both Kanye West and Lil Durk and revealed its cover art. Later that day, Cardi talked about the song on two live streams, describing it as “masculine” and revealing she had it since 2019.

A collaboration with Kanye West was first reported by a close affiliate of both artists, the Hollywood Unlocked founder, Jason Lee revealed it during a January 2022 episode of his podcast [UNLOCKED]. Ye later confirmed this during an interview with Jason Lee in the same month.

The track was first teased on the episode, “Cardi Tries Rhythmic Gymnastics,” of her Facebook series, Cardi Tries, which aired on August 5, 2021.

Cardi shared a longer snippet of her verse on June 29, via social media, showcasing the sampling of 1983’s Marcia Griffiths hit “Electric Boogie.” The song premiered on HOT97 hours before its official release.

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Cardi B – Hot Shit ft. Kanye West & Lil Durk mp3 full lyrics

It’s too hard (it’s too hard)
Tay Keith, it’s too hard (too hard)
(Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Now this that hot shit
Jimmy Snuka off the top rope, Superfly shit
Might get in the tub with my all my ice on some Pac shit
Either way you slice it, bottom line, I’m the top bitch
New Chanel, I rock it, twist and it ain’t even out yet
All this jewelry at the grocery store, I’m obnoxious
Bought a home and closin’ on another, I know I’m blessed
Everybody wanna be gang, ain’t no spots left
Bad bitch contest, it wouldn’t be a contest
(Ooh, smokin’ dope) I’m connected
I don’t know what’s longer, man, my blocklist or my checklist
I don’t know what’s colder, man, my heart or my necklace
Pretty when I wake up, I’m a bad bitch at breakfast
Still might slide on a opp (it’s electric)
Hatin’ didn’t work, so they lied (so they lied)
These bitches lookin’ hurt and they fried (and they fried)
I know they wouldn’t miss ’em if they died, tell ’em, “Move” (move)
Move, new Chanel on my body, it’s a boost
I’m so poppin’, I don’t ever gotta get introduced (‘duced)
One thing I never call a bitch for is a truce (truce)
Brand new chopper, can’t wait to put that bitch to use (use)

Oof (oof)
Checks comin’ fast, I’m like swoosh (swoosh)
Ooh (ooh)
Give ’em to them straight, hundred proof (proof)
I thought I killed you hoes before, it must be déjà vu (vu)
It’s either that or I’m catchin’ body number two (gang, ooh)

This that block music
This that drop location, drop a opp music
Man, this ain’t for them niggas in the house, this shit for Glock users
And don’t talk down on treacherous hoes who known to be a cock user
This that pill talk, gotta buss his head, he cut on opp music
Who said you game? (Who?)
Who said you can come around this bitch and hang? (Who? Who?)
And I fucked your baby mama mama and I ain’t say a thing (shh)
They just came outside in 2020, pull up in that ’21
I pick my side, switches fully and I’ma die for 21 (Slaughter Gang)
I got plenty cars, I hit plenty stars and didn’t cum
I said it plenty times, I pay for bodies, I ain’t pay for none
You think I’m finna leave my bitch for you? She fuck Future too?
I know that Von hit her, she pulled up on my block in Jimmy Choos (Smurk)

Oof (oof)
Checks comin’ fast, I’m like swoosh (swoosh)
Ooh (ooh)
Give ’em to them straight, hundred proof (proof)
I thought I killed you hoes before, it must be déjà vu (vu)
It’s either that or I’m catchin’ body number two

Pinky swear you ain’t scared when you heard Ye appeared
I’ma hop up out the bushes, me and Pusha kill ya man
I’m just sayin’ now, start to get used to the pain
‘Til one day I said, “Fuck it”, brought my masseuse on the plane
Why you playin’? Reach in the game
Lose a hand, where you stand?
Where was Jay at, where was them at?
Where you done that, where you live at?
Another headline, where your hat at?
Nigga, go home, where your kids at?
They be on my nerve, they be on my nerve, mh, mh
When we lost Virg’, I was on the verge, mh, mh
I just hit the Louis store, I had to splurge, mh, mh
We just made a silent movie with no words, mh
Guess who toppin’ now? Uh
God got me now, uh
Guess who at Balenciaga, guess who shoppin’ now? Uh
They can’t stop me now, uh, I’ve been poppin’ now, uh
Cardi, where your sister at? I need Henny now, mh, mh
I flew in and out, hundred fifty thou’, mh, mh
Now, even when they shout, gotta shout me out
So ahead, go ahead, mh, mh
Not even close, all of y’all is number two

Oof (oof)
Checks comin’ fast, I’m like swoosh (swoosh)
Ooh (ooh)
Give ’em to them straight, hundred proof (proof)
I thought I killed you hoes before, it must be déjà vu (vu)
It’s either that or I’m catchin’ body number two

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